Clients builds and work using my custom vector artwork just like in the bundles and builds above!


Would love to see and have yours added here as well so tag me on social media!!! 

Here are a couple timelapse videos & bundle promos I made in Adobe Illustrator.. 

These were a few different things over a span of a couple months. plan to make more in the future as well! 

All artwork is hand drawn by me, 100% vector art and for drawing I use a Wacom Cintiq and a Wacom Intuos Pro as well. 

if you have any questions hit me up be glad to answer any you may have!


A little about me and why im doing this!

    Hello! Im Steven Watts and this is my business Fragout Design. I'm a professional illustrator & Graphic artist Specializing in custom vector graphics, Branding, and design work. Started my business in 2011 and now seeing about expanding my business here with what is now called "Fragout Firearms" and is a sub brand here with Fragout Design Studios.

    Over the past few months i've been contacted by soooo many different Laser Engraving shops across the country and some are just starting off and some have been in the business for a while now as well! all around all i can say is nothing but great people, and really love the community yall have in with the work yall do. Most finding me thru other shops that i have worked with in the past or saw my timelapse videos on youtube.

    One thing ive learned and i see after talking to a lot of them is that, custom builds may be out of the budget for a lot of the new guys, or theyre not sure what they want yet, but at the end of the day everyone is looking for art to use, and its something thats really really lacking out there for laser engraving shops. now theres not to say you cant buy artwork online, but with this type of work youd want someone who is also well versed, trained, and has handled firearms his whole life. (like myself) so with all the emails and awesome people in the community ive talked too, Its lit a fire under me trying to figure out what i can do....

"What can I do to better help the Firearms laser engraving industry,

community, and how can I contribute to it in a way that helps everyone"

   I feel that ive found the solution to this question. And with this new venture here, this will make it So everyone has options to buy some awesome affordable vector artwork. And they'll get to use it so they can promote their shopgrow their business, and at the end of the day here just get excited about the work they are creating!

  Being able to provide custom vector graphics like this is something ive never done before on this scale lol. And so doing this, if it turns into something people are liking, and also viable for my business, I will reinvest the money i make with the sales here and be better able to spend more time creating more custom engraving artwork to add in my store here! 

    Little back story about me and why im so passionate about this specific kind of work.
I grew up here in South Texas. Hunting, Outdoors, shooting cans, blowing up watermelons and spending weekends out at the property with my dad, family, and friends. It was a huge part of my life and still is. Firearms especially, i mean they are amazing tools! And so much fun to shoot, and that culture of spending time with friends and family shooting targets and that community is what made me so passionate about them early in my life. I also was in the Army, and did that for a while, and after i got out is when i started Fragout Design Studios in 2011. Not to mention Im a damn good shot! lol, Not many Graphic Artists out there can qualify better than most, including you guys haha
( challenge accepted? lol)


   Being able to combine my artwork and what i do with Fragout Design with my life long passion for firearms is just so awesome! Never in a million years i thought this was a thing i could see myself doing, but technology has made this possible. 

   If you have any questions or would like to know more about me, Fragout Design, or anything else, reach out to me anytime! I also provide a whole bunch of other creative professional services too, i do it all!

Thanks for all the support!

For any questions!