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Kershaw 1416 "Scour" Build BY FRAGOUT FIREARMS

Model Used for this one linked here
MODEL 1416

Bundle includes:
- Blank templates With photos (see templates folder)

- custom scroll design artwork hand drawn by yours truly

- 2 versions of main design. One with cutouts for the hardware and one without

- Stacked, 2 color, 1 color, negative, and Outline layouts of the Scroll artwork

- scanned notes of project on my end (def look at those hint hint)

***also is the MVP FREEBIE for Q1 2024! thank you guys for your business and also being super patient with me with the move! Have fun and enjoy! 

Be sure to check out the timelapse video on youtube! 

Thanks for checking out my work!
Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @Fragout_Firearms so i can see!!!!


Thanks you for your business!!! 

Steven Watts


Kershaw 1416 "Scour" Build

$94.00 Regular Price
$74.00Sale Price

File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai (and Ai8) *Laser ready files
- PDF 

(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)

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