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Glock Lowers Bundle 2 | G21, G23, G26, G30, G48 by Fragout Design Studios



15 New custom laser stippling vector designs, including the ai8 and ready to go files with the custom designs for each model i made.


Along with the Blank Templates and multiple variations for each model i made totaling another 15 designs. These are also included in the editable file with the photos i took for yall to use for reference.

Zip file size is loaded especially with the blank templates files being layered in with the photos as well of the glock modules i took. but worth it lol total zip file download size is 950MB


* Designs For LOWERS only ON THE G21, G23, G26, G30, G48 // Designs for SLIDES NOT INCLUDED *


Also included my scanned notes for each one i made in my shop too for each model helping yall with sizing and what i did to make these. not settings but just notes.

Perfect for those who have my borderless vector patterns bundle for sure! Also made these off the Gen3 model variants so lil tweaking may be needed depending on what youre doing with other gens. but shouldnt be an issue at the end of the day

*settings are not included, only the artwork* 
*Also doesnt include the borderless vector pattern swatches used for this design*aside from the new rose borderless pattern i made that i included

be sure to check out the timelapse video >

Thanks for checking out my work!
Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @Fragout_Firearms so i can see!!!!


Thanks you for your business!!! 

Steven Watts


Glock Lowers Bundle 2 | G21, G23, G26, G30, G48


File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai (and Ai8)
- PDF 

(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)

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