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Aero M4E1 Combo Scroll Wrap Bundle by Fragout Firearms 

Models used in this bundle (but not limited too):
- Lower:
- Upper:

- main design layouts with 1 color, negative, stacked, and templates included
- alt layout of main design left side with no cut outs so you can do yours differently if needed on other makes and model AR platforms
- blank templates for other projects you may have of the m4E1  aero upper and lower combo reciever set with photos (see folder for that)
- Laser ready Ai8 Files if youre in a hurry those are there for you as well. (see folder for those)
- Scanned notes also included. see the "Guide" folder for that with the valuable information you may need! 

Be sure to subscribe on youtube to check out the timelapse video when it drops. here is a quick video i posted with some tips on youtube.

Thank you so much for your business! have fun and be sure to tag me on social media so i can see what you make! yall inspire me to make more awesome stuff when yall do that!

toodles yo!


Aero M4E1 Combo Scroll Wrap Bundle


File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai (and Ai8) *laser ready files
- PDF 

(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)

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