Mimic Hand Stipple & Texture Bundle by Fragout Firearms


100% Vector art. Hand drawn Stippling Texture design using adobe illustrator by Fragout Design Studios & Fragout Firearms


Includes The Main Stipple Vector Pattern Design and 22 additional Stipple Patterns & Texture as well for various halftones and whatnot and some tree bark too cause I was playing around with some ideas on the side. see what yall can do. 

****FOR BEST RESULTS INVERT THE Main Stipple Design. ****

we found that for the best results during testing that inverting the artworkmakes for the best look and feel using the hand stipple pattern. Dont need to rotate and copy and make it weird. just invert it. or do as you wish too.


Wanted to have this tested by some shops beforehand, so relieved to of gotten their thumbs up and cant wait to see what yall can do with this artwork, i know yall have been asking for this for quite a while.


Also provided yall with 5 different sized layouts of the main stipple design

- 2x2"

- 4x4"

- 6x6"

- 8x8"

- 8x12.5" (full size)


This allows for those with not the most highspeed computers to still be able to easily open and use the files. i do recommend patience for those who may need to let their computers think a little longer than normal. but this was the only way to get the exact look and desired outcome. Drew every single dot lol. no shortcuts.

Thanks for checking out my work! Also be sure to check out the timelapse video i made too for this illustration on my youtube channel! 

Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @FragoutDesign so i can see!!!!


Thanks you for your business!!! 

Steven Watts


Mimic Hand Stipple & Texture Bundle by Fragout Firearms

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File Formats included in the zip folder are:


(all fully editable vector graphics and high res images to see what youre looking at)