Not sure how someones starts these things, but here we go! I'm Sawatts, some people call me Steve or Steveo, My amazing Grandma calls me Stevie... I dunno lol.

   I'm a Professional Illustrator & Graphic Artist, based out of Houston Texas.

Yessir (or mam) the Lone Star State! No, I don't own any horses. lol well, just yet....

I get asked that all the time from new clients lol so figured id add that part in.

   I started Fragout Design Studios in 2011. Never in a million years would I have imagined growing up, I'd be an artist, like professionally, As a job job. Still trying to get my pops to understand that part lol. I have been drawing on walls, furniture, paper, and everything in between since I could hold a pencil, Marker, or pen. Sometimes those walls I drew on got me into trouble, sorry dad.

   Art is the one hobby in my life i've always been the most passionate about Being able to take a piece of my imagination and bring it to life. It's awesome... not sure how to explain it lol.

   Now, every day I get to meet new, awesome people, and hear their ideas, dreams, and goals. Something that's really important to them or their business, even personal at times, and then make it a reality, bringing that to life for them. The reaction after they see the work... that excitement, its priceless it really is. I love I get to do that for someone. Definitely the most rewarding part of what i get to do, hands down. I'm Grateful for everyone who's been a part of this Adventure, and those who are yet to come! - My Creative*Chaos.


    After my time in the Army, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career being an artist....But had no idea how or where to even start.... So I started working in local sign shops, was really by accident even getting that job. So I crash coursed into the industry and found my love for Vector Art... *all after telling the owner, during the interview for that job, I totally knew what vector was.... But yeah... I had no idea what a vector was or what i was getting into... lol and so yeah... I've never told anyone that before. Little fun fact story time. (if you're reading this Mr. John, thanks for the foot in the door.)


    But when it comes to sign shops and work like that, being able to spend time developing and being creative and growing as an artist, all of that isn't easy. In the shop, time is money, go go go, get it done, boom, Rip and Print, on to the next. It was awesome and fun but yeah, but Creatively draining and not ideal at times... soooo in 2011, I made a plan, packed up, moved to the other side of Texas, and got started on the grind. Not sure all of what this was going to turn into or doing really haha. Looking back it feels like yesterday. Wasn't always cupcakes and rainbows, but yeah... as cheesy as it is to say, I wouldn't change a thing. I cant imagine what or where I'd be today if I'd of decided not to try. 


    The thing I enjoy most about being a professional artist is, we as artists, are always aiming for that one thing we will never achieve, the unattainable; Perfection. It motivates the hell out of me. My goal as an artist and as a person, is to always be better than I was the day before. Always Forward!


    As for the future, gosh, its so crazy to think about, but I know I have a direction in life now, and something I really love to do every day. Not going to steer away from what brings me the most joy in life. *aside from my Dog, Lady. Shes my partner in crime. As long as I have Lady and my Work I'll be set. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for Fragout Design Studios!

   Also want to say, for all the other artists out there and people who want to chase their dreams, I'm rooting for you! 

Don't let fear of failure get in your way. Just know, its not going to be easy, but you can do it! 

Make Goals, Work Hard, be a good person, and the world will be yours. 

Thank you for taking your time to read my bio,

I know it was a book lol 

But yeah, hey... welcome to my Creative*Chaos. 

Yall are awesome! 

Love your faces!

Not sure how to end this!

Hasta la pasta!