AR15 Vector Laser Engraving Template Designs by Fragout Firearms

Bundle includes 3 different designs for the templates. 
- The main Template Design is where the template flows over both the upper and lower with border
- The 2nd Template Design is where the hardware outlines are included for the main set design
- The 3rd Template is where the lower and upper are completely independent on the upper and lower reciever. It does not overflow onto eachother and is a new design completely unlike the other two with the hardware outlined as well.  

Also includes the misc layouts for:
- Charging Handle
- Top Rail area by charging handle
- The top of the forward assist
- The random tumor pyramid thing for all 3 sides thats by the ejection port
- The dust cover (inside and out)
- Front of the mag well
- Bottom trigger guard

*no patterns included, just the templates. The pattern used in the video and laid out examples are just for mockup purposes to show you what you can do with this templates bundle. 

if you have also purchased other templates from my store as well then its the same set up, so youre ready to go there and also if you got the patterns bundle then its just like applying them to the other templates. easy easy! Made a video as well for a test run on it to show you guys be sure to check that out! 

Custom Vector Graphics for Laser Engraving Firearms! All artwork hand drawn, Created in Adobe Illustrator by Fragout Design Studios and Brought to you by Fragout Firearms


Designs and files included are 100% vector art!
*be sure to see the timelapse video of similar work that ive done coming to life!


Thank you guys for the support!!!! yall Have fun!!!! If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to reach out to me anytime and i will see what i can do for you or answer any questions you may have! Cant wait to see your work!!!

Be sure to tag me on social media and use hashtag @fragoutdesign or @Fragout_Firearms on instagram so i can see!!!! The tech these days and the way im able to merg my love for firearms and my work is something i am really passionate about and look forward to bringing more avaliable for yall in the future! 


Again, Thank yall for your support! 




AR15 Vector Templates Bundle by Fragout Firearms

$250.00 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price

File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai (and ai8's)
- PDF 

(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)