THE WALTON SPECIAL by Fragout Firearms

***updated file to have the 19 as well*** 

Includes custom vector scroll designs and Scroll patterns along with

2 custom designs on a full body slide and lower Glock 17 & 19

and another Glock 17 Design for the Slide only.

Also included the templates, which are a new design with a good frame on them with wiggle room,

theyre still editable strokes with the nodes and anchor points you can edit and tweak as need be like my other templates.

i tested them myself and they are named
"EZCAD_ etcetc" for the file names.
you cant miss it.

But i do encourage yall to check out the other files and layouts in which there is a lot more going on that just ezcad ready files, with alt layouts being one color, two color, and one color negative,
along with alts for some of the scroll designs alone with various elements and options.
Long story short... dont get lazy on me ok!?

Had fun on this one, wanted to try and work out a new technique on shading and the principles that go along with properly doing that with scrolls and paying respect to the way of the Fibonacci or whatever the laws are with how you are supposed to conduct your scrolls per the law of the Pews.
if you call it golden ratio i will throat punch you lol.     ....jk...kinda


***Oh and named this one after someone who was like a father to me and who loved guns, the community, and being just a really awesome man and father figure.

Wish he was here today to see what i am doing now for work, he would be tickled pink and 
i know he would be proud as hell of all of it! Yall would like him. hes was fun, the " how fast can you run" was a quirky saying he had when meeting someone new and subtle scaring them hahahaha usually with or around a firearm. but then we'd laugh and go blow up some watermelons....
so they had fun and yeah... I get this huge passion I have for firearms and this work because of him and growing up around them.

But yeah theres yalls fun fact for the day now go have some fun!!! 

Lets go!!!! Be sure to check out the timelapse video for this one!


100% Vector art. Hand drawn illustration design using adobe illustrator by Fragout Design Studios
includes a few variations on the design to fit the way you run your Laser engraver! 

Thanks for checking out my work!

Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @Fragout_Firearms so i can see!!!!


Thanks you for your business!!! 

Steven Watts


The Walton Special

$209.99 Regular Price
$169.99Sale Price

File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai
- PDF 


(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)