ORNATE AF 3D PMAG | Firearms Laser Engraving Design by Fragout Firearms

*** SIZE TOO: Height 3.5268"x Width 1.8326" (inches) ***** 


100% Vector art. Hand drawn illustration design using adobe illustrator by Fragout Design Studios
includes a few variations on the design to fit the way you run your Laser engraver! 

This is also the MVP FREEBIE for the 2nd Quarter of this year! I do a free somethin' somethin' every quarter for customers of mine who make an order during that quarter! On the house! next up is Q3 for this year! Wanted to do something fun here for you guys and also something yall can make and turnaround pretty easily and make some sales with! If you purchased the AR Scroll build too this will match and look pretty awesome with that build too so check that out! If you missed out on this quarters MVP Freebie dont worry theres always Q3. I do something every quarter! 

Thank you so much for yalls business and support! Truly love being able to operate and create with Fragout Firearms and Fragout Design Studios! The gun stuff has really made work that much more enjoyable for me. Really really grateful to get to do this stuff for you guys! Thanks again and Cant wait to see this one brought to life! Hope yall enjoy it and ill see yall in Q3! 

Thanks for checking out my work! Also be sure to check out the timelapse video i made too for this illustration on my youtube channel! https://youtu.be/jwDdaBh2naI

Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @FragoutDesign so i can see!!!!


Thanks you for your business!!! 

Steven Watts



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File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai
- PDF 

(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)