Vector Illustration by Fragout Firearms

The more they cancel these cartoons the more guns imma gonna give'm. The Idea for the "pew pew" lol came off the top of my head not sure why people havent ran with that yet... so yall saw it here first! Lets gooo!!!!!!!!!! you can make stickers, tees, whatever for your gun shop with the artwork and files included along with laser engraving on some pmags and all that fun stuff!

*** Includes the Barret 50 Rifle as well and for pepe the full color, two color, one color, and one color negative files as well for some flex on whatever you want to put it on. ***

Be sure to check out the timelapse video for this one. 

Be sure to post it on Instagram and tag me @Fragout_Firearms and use #FragoutFirearms so i can see!!!!


Thanks for all the support and yall have fun with it!

Steven Watts

Pepe Le Pew Pew Illustration

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File Formats included in the zip folder are:

- Ai
- PDF 


(all fully editable vector graphics and high res layouts)